Are Liquidation Computers A Good Investment?

Many people feel skeptical when they hear about liquidation computers for sale. “Do they work?” people wonder. “Is there anything wrong with them?” When consumers hear about $5,000 Macbook Airs being sold for less than half-price, it’s a deal that sounds too good to be true — especially in this world where everyone is out to make a quick buck. However, that is not always the case, and liquidation computers certainly CAN be a great investment!

Where Do Liquidation Computers Come From?

liquidation computersLiquidation computers generally come from corporations that have declared bankruptcy. When a company becomes insolvent, the court mandates that all assets be sold to pay off old debts as quickly as possible. The judge does not care how much each computer fetches on the used market, but the mandate is that the bankrupt company does not hold onto anything of monetary value that could better be used to lower the amount the American taxpayers ultimately pay.  Occasionally, liquidation computers will come from a government agency or company that is merely downsizing or upgrading their equipment. They are just looking to get rid of the old to bring in the new as quickly as possible in those cases.

Are There Liquidation Computers That Are Rip-Offs?

Sometimes you’ll run across a website run by a shyster claiming that “the computer factory is going out of business” or “the manufacturer made too many computers and now they must be liquidated.” This type of language generally indicates fraudulent marketing claims. Often the computers are just used goods refurbished by tech people and re-sold for more than they are actually worth. You’ll see liquidation computers on sites like Tiger Direct or eBay that don’t necessarily give you the best value for the money because the sellers are still out to make a profit.

What Guarantees Come With Liquidation Computers?

When you buy through an auction house, we describe exactly what you are getting. Sometimes we sell you an unopened, never-used computer in its original packaging. Other times, we tell you that it is used or “barely used.” We stand by the descriptions posted along with our liquidation computers and we do offer a guarantee that products in our catalog are accurately represented. If you find that an item you purchased is not in the condition listed in the catalog, we will refund or exchange your item within 48 hours. Also, unlike other online auctions, we allow bidders in the Chantilly, Virginia area to see all products listed at our open house events.

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