DC Estate Sales Yield Unexpected Treasures

We just wrapped up one of our renowned DC estate sales today! Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite a production to hold an online auction. While it might not be as exciting as getting all gussied up, drinking out of champagne flutes, shouting out bids, and the clamor of a crowd… our bidders find it’s so much less stressful to just set the computer to auto-bid and go about their business.

What Goes Into Online DC Estate Sales?

So, as we were saying, running DC estate sales is a big job — even when it’s done online. After speaking with prospective clients about their needs, we get all their treasures delivered to our auction house and have our professionals look over each and every item carefully, making notes of the condition in great detail, and take high-quality photographs. Then we decide which items will go to auction and which items we’ll set aside in our reserve stock to add into future auctions that could use a little variety. We list everything online and advertise our auction. Just before bidding begins, we host an open house where you can come and view the items if you live near Chantilly, Virginia, where our auction house is. Finally, we run the auction, tabulate the bids, charge the winning bidders’ credit cards, and negotiate shipping arrangements with anyone who needs it. Phew! All in a day’s work!

So What Unexpected Treasures Can You Find At DC Estate Sales?

Let’s take a peek at our closed auction’s results, shall we?

Some lucky individual walked away with a set of SIX outdoor patio chairs for… $1!!! Now that is a jack-pot!

Someone else paid just $17 for this unique hand-painted drinking set. We’ll wait for our party invite in the mail!

How about a beautiful hieroglyphics painting, framed and signed, for $5?

The silk Persian rugs tend to be some of our more big ticket items. This one went for $391, less than half-price!

We also sold a black leather executive chair for $1…

And remember this antique home bar? It sold for only $161 after a 14-person bidding war!

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 You May Have Missed This Amazing Auction, But…

There will be more incredible DC estate sales coming up! In fact, we have this auction sale that has just been extended with more items added. There are history books, gold coins, Persian silk rugs, Civil War figurines,  Army Books, Victorian Pure Brass bed, fur neck scarves, and Japanese Woodblock Prints! This one is going until February 16th, noon.

We also have this auction sale with a Vintage Thomasville Dining Set Table, a Regency Formal Dining Table, a Gorgeous Crescent Shape Sofa, a Unique Coffee Table Imported from Asia, a Desk Imported from Italy, Treadmills & More! You just won’t find such high-quality home furnishings in any store. These are people who just want to liquidate their assets as soon as possible — not to turn a profit, but to get on with life. Bids are good until February 11th, noon.

Our DC estate sales can’t be beat! Stop by our site to register and start bidding quickly! No fees to browse or bid!

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