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An estate sale service is a vital life-line when events unfold quickly. Many people find that it’s overwhelming to deal with an enormous amount of items during a liquidation, which is where DynaCorp Auctions steps in. We inspect and catalog items, list and promote them to our network of bidders, and even purchase a few of the items that don’t sell to hold for future auctions. If you have a lot of “stuff” you need to unload quickly and efficiently, the estate liquidators at our Chantilly, Virginia based auction house is your best bet. Don’t delay if a bunch of items are getting in the way of your ability to move onto the next chapter in your life.

Reasons To Auction Your Goods

There are countless reasons clients come to us. Some reasons to auction include:

  • You’re Relocating (and don’t want to move all that furniture!)
  • Your business is Liquidating (and you need to get rid of all your excess items for cash!)
  • Someone you love has passed away (and going through all their belongings is overwhelming!)
  • You are Downsizing (and getting rid of surplus items you don’t truly need!)
  • You’re a Private Art Collector (who needs to make space for new items!)
  • You’re getting Divorced (and you need to liquidate the estate quickly!)

The DynaCorp Advantage

We work with individuals, government officials and CEOs to position their goods to sell quickly and profitably. We want to make the experience as hassle-free as possible, which is why we’ve designed an easy 8-step selling process that includes: Inspection, Inventory, Online Setup, Marketing, Inspection, Event / Closing, Processing / Removal, and Final Inventory / Disbursement.

Our estate sale service should not be confused with a garage sale. We don’t accept just anyone or anything. Our clients are generally business owners, individuals with high-end collectibles or antique furniture, world travelers, dignitaries, government officials and other relatively wealthy people. Our auctions attract a more discerning type of bidder, so you will get a fair price on your goods.

estate sale service

Our Offer To You…

  • Consignment Fee – 20% commission paid to DynaCorp
  • Liquidation (or DynaCorp Supervised Auction) – 20% commission paid to DynaCorp
  • Self-Supervised Auction (managed by seller) – 10% commission paid to DynaCorp
  • Assets for Sale – 10% upcharge*

* This fee is similar to Sam’s Club or Costco, wherein you pay a membership or upcharge to get the goods in bulk.

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