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estate sale services

Estate sale services can take a huge burden off your shoulders. Where do you turn when you’re stuck with a whole house full of your deceased loved one’s belongings? It can be overwhelming to deal with all this merchandise while you grieve. How can you connect with buyers who are looking for these particular items? DynaCorp Auctions is always looking for estates in need of liquidation.

Steps To Sell Off An Estate

  • We’ll discuss the project with you over the phone and suggest tailored solutions.
  • Once you agree, we’ll conduct an in-depth inventory of your estate (which could take 2 hours – 1 day).
  • We’ll post information about the online estate sale and market the event accordingly.
  • Several days prior to auction, bidders may come to our open house to inspect the items.
  • We’ll hold the scheduled event and allow bidders to make their requests.
  • When the event closes, bids are processed automatically and items are removed from inventory.
  • Reconciliation occurs within one day after the removal process wraps up.
  • Proceeds will arrive via check or wire transfer within 10 business days.

Types of Estate Sales

Even though we are based in the Washington DC area, we conduct our liquidation estate sales in various locations across the U.S. We offer special seller services if you would like to conduct business remotely. We also offer different types of sale arrangements.

  • Sometimes we sell on consignment, meaning that we add a few items into our other auctions.
  • We can liquidate bulk inventory and give you all proceeds from the event, minus standard fees.
  • Self-supervised auctions work well for clients with few items to sell; you control the timing of the event, inspection and removal processes, while we assist you in marketing the event.
  • Bulk sales can sell your entire inventory to one individual buyer, which is sometimes helpful.
  • DynaCorp occasionally makes straight purchases on antiques and other valuable items.

Why DynaCorp Online Auctions?

We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled customer service. No matter what type of project you have, we’re sure we can help with our estate sale services. Our fees are competitive and priced below well-known auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. We generally deal in high-quality merchandise like antiques, electronics, motor vehicles and art. However, we are open to discussing your individual needs. Our goal is to make the entire sales process faster, easier and more rewarding. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders! Call 888-333-4340 or email us at



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