estate sales washington dc

Estate Sales Washington DC

estate sales washington dcGiven how many government officials and corporate big whigs there are on Capitol Hill, you can imagine what sort of estate sales Washington DC merchandise we come across here at DynaCorp Auctions in Chantilly, Virginia. We get a lot of people who become stationed overseas, who are moving from the area, or who have passed away — and the estate needs to be settled. Auctions are great places to find rare collectibles, artwork and expensive items collected over the course of a lifetime.

January Estate Sales Washington DC Auctions…

DynaCorp Auctions has ONE open estate sales Washington DC auction, since we just closed out on two Egyptian and African art / antique collectibles auctions.  You have until JANUARY 18th at NOON to bid on items like…

  • estate sales washington dcAncient coins from the Kushan Empire (dating back to 385 AD)
  • Beautiful Persian rugs
  • Oil-On-Canvas paintings
  • Statues
  • Decorative plates
  • Vases
  • Masks
  • Sports Memorabilia Cards
  • A Bible (dating back to 1898)
  • Mozart, Tchaikovsky & Dvorak records

Save Tons of Money!

Unlike retail stores or marketplaces like eBay, our clients aren’t out to swindle a profit. In most cases, they just want to liquidate their assets as soon as possible and carry on with life — whether they are attending to a sorrowful funeral or contending with a big relocation. Estate sales Washington DC auctions offer hard-to-find goods that have come from all around the world — and at an attractive price too! Bidding starts as low as one cent. Some items receive no bids at all, so you are guaranteed to get the item at the price you ask for! DynaCorp Auctions also has a helpful “Max Bid” feature, which allows you to set the highest price you’ll pay and let the computer keep track of competitive bidders, ever so gradually increasing the amount of your bid until you’ve won or been outbid. This unique feature takes all the stress out of buying goods at auction and makes the process as easy as possible!

Start Bidding Today!

Bidding on estate sales Washington DC goods is very easy. First, you sign up for a FREE account at You will need to confirm your email address to proceed. Then you can peruse our catalog and start bidding or set-up your auto-bid feature. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive a confirmation email right away, letting you know that you’ve won. There are no “take-backs” (once the item is sold, it’s sold!) but you are entitled to a full refund if, for whatever reason, the item you receive does not match the condition listed in the catalog description. If you need an item shipped, you can contact our customer service team to make an arrangement.

Call us at 1-888-333-4340 or visit us online at!    

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