Find Great Buys At Surplus Auctions

You can think of surplus auctions as a gigantic bargain bin sale on gently used “big kid toys.” For many regions, surplus auctions are highly anticipated events because it helps new businesses save anywhere from 30 to 80 percent off start-up costs and consumers can cash-in on the spoils too.

What Can You Get At Surplus Auctions?

Surplus auctions feature just about anything you can imagine that a corporation or government entity would own:

  • surplus auctionsCars Trucks, SUVs
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • TVs, Printers, Scanners, Laptops, PCs
  • Office Furniture
  • Industrial Machinery

How Can Surplus Auctions Offer Such Bargains?

Many of DynaCorp Auctions’ clients are government agencies or officials. In most cases, the government is not looking to make a lot of money off the sale of their goods as a private auctioneer might. They primarily would just like to liquidate their inventory. Sometimes a company or government agency is downsizing a department and needs to get rid of excess items at surplus auctions. Other times, they may need to upgrade to the latest technology.

 How Do Online Surplus Auctions Work?

In the past, you had to register, take a number and take your seat. You would stand when an attractive bid was called out and make spur-the-moment decisions in a heated battle to win an item. The announcer seemed to go so fast and you would feel such tremendous pressure to get the winning bid that you would sometimes overspend. Nowadays, you can still stop by the auction house prior to the event to get a good look at the items being sold. Yet, you can go back home and participate in an online bidding process that is much cooler and calmer. DynaCorp offers an automated bidding system on surplus auctions, where you speculate the highest you will pay for an item and the computer system automatically outbids your competitors at the smallest necessary denomination until you’ve either won or been outbid. Once you’ve won a bid, you are automatically charged for the item and you are free to come pick it up or make further shipping arrangements.

surplus auction

Which Surplus Auctions Are Currently Offered?

You can visit to access the following surplus auctions:

  • Wed. 11/16 – Fri. 12/2: Corporate Liquidation of Apple iPads 2, IMAC, MacBook Pro, Security Cameras, Projectors, Plotters, Printers, Copiers, AV, G5 Servers, Laptops & more!
  • Thurs. 11/2 – Fri. 12/16: Maryland Small Business Owner Liquidation of office furniture, L-Shape Desks, Chairs & Filing Cabinets!
  • Mon. 11/21 – Fri. 12/9: DC Metro Vehicle Surplus Auction, featuring Ford F250 Diesel, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Ford Explorer.
For more information on surplus auctions, including how you can sign up FREE, visit us online!


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