Less Than 24 Hours Left To Bid On One Of Our Estate Sales Online!

Estate sales online offer you the best home furnishings collected from around the globe at amazingly low prices. DynaCorp Auctions may very well be one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets. Our small pool of bidders ensures that you get many of the items you desire and at a reasonable price. We accept an exclusive pool of clients as well — mostly celebrities, dignitaries, antique collectors, and government workers — so you have a wide assortment of top quality items to bid on. With our one-of-a-kind auto-bid feature, you don’t even have to sit at your computer and track our estate sales online! Simply enter your max bid and let the computer out-bid your competitors a few cents at a time.

What Can People Find In Estate Sales Online Auctions?

The latest of our estate sales online auctions is one by a Private Collector who is liquidating: Gorgeous Persian Rugs, Antique Coins/Bills, Civil War Porcelain Figurines, Army Books, Victorian Pure Brass bed, Japanese Woodblock Prints, and Much More! Bidding will cease at 12 Noon EST tomorrow, February 16th.

Right now the oriental rugs from Persia are the hottest items, attracting anywhere from 16 to 22 bidders. Currently, the bids are up to $260 – $550 on these items. Even so, the price is $300+ less than what you’d find in any store.

online estate sales

Another one of our auction’s hot items is this signed original TIFFANY VITREI stained glass rainbow art, which is up to $55 with five people bidding. The photos really do not do this exquisite piece of original art justice! We do also have hand-painted Victorian artwork for as little as $4, ornate brass framed portraits for just $1, and a 100-year-old antique ceramic priest statue going for only $5.

online estate sales

It is still technically winter, so if you — or anyone you know — needs a warm genuine fur stole, we have a few going for mere dollars!

online estate sales

How To Bid In Estate Sales Online…

Bidding in estate sales online is really not very difficult at all. You simply go to www.DynaCorpAuctions.com and register for free. All we ask is that you are at least 18 years of age with a credit card. That’s really all there is to it! We’ll assign you a bidder ID and you can manually bid or auto-bid up to your declared maximum. Unlike any other auction house, we also offer open houses where you can come and actually see what you are bidding on! (We’re located in Chantilly, Virginia, in case you were wondering.)

If you missed the deadline for this particular auction, no worries! We have estate sales online all the time! In fact, we are just starting a new auction for an Italian antique shop that needs to make room for more inventory. You won’t believe what we have to offer! Visit DynaCorpAuctions.com for details.


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