One More Day Left On This iPad Online Auction!

Were you worried you’d have to pay $500 for an Apple iPad 2? Not at DynaCorp iPad online auction you don’t! On average, bidders get the hottest technology for at least 50 percent off market value, if not more. We’re lucky enough to have a major technology auction just in time for Christmas. We’re wrapping it up Thursday, December 22nd at noon, so you will have time to pick up your items to place under the Christmas tree this weekend.

What Our iPad Online Auction Has…

  • iPad online auction4 APPLE iPAD 1s: These iPad 1s are black with silver backs. They feature: 64 GB hard drive, Wifi, LED backlight, 10 hours of battery life, bluetooth, a 1024 x 768 display resolution, microphone, speakers, and original packaging. They are in excellent condition and are compatible with MS Windows 7, Vista, XP or Apple MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later. Bidding is as low as $240, as of Wednesday at noon.
  • 3 APPLE iPAD 2s: These white iPads come with Dual-Core A5 chips, IOS 5, 16GB hard drives, Wifi, two cameras for photos and videos, LED backlight, touch-screen, high resolution display, speakers, microphones, up to 10 hours of battery life and an ultra-thin, lightweight design. These items are brand new, never used, and come in their boxes with all original accessories! As of Wednesday at noon, bids were at $390.

Why Are Items So Cheap At An iPad Online Auction?

This short notice auction comes at a great time. We often see amazing deals like this iPad online auction come up toward the end of the year, as businesses look to unload inventory before the New Year. Some businesses are in bankruptcy proceedings, while others simply over-purchased or are down-sizing. We also get a number of items from government agencies. Our clients aren’t looking to score a profit or charge you retail markup. They simply want to get rid of their excess supply and move on with life as quickly as possible. Yet, for you, that means tremendous savings that often exceed 50 percent off.

How Is A DynaCorp iPad Online Auction Different Than Other Online Auctions?

There are several differentiating points to mention about our iPad online auction. First, all our descriptions are 100 percent accurate and we stand by that. We inspect, photograph and rigorously catalog everything that comes through our doors. Second, we allow YOU to come in and inspect the items up for grabs if you are near the Virginia area. That is virtually unheard of in the online auction world. Thirdly, we try to make the online bidding process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our “auto-bidding” feature lets you stipulate the highest possible bid you’d be willing to pay and lets our software slowly, incrementally outbid your competitors until your highest bid is eventually reached — or until the other bidders throw in the towel. That way, there is no last-minute squabbling for goods. What more could you ask for from an iPad online auction? Ah yes, one more thing — high-quality goods! Many of our items are brand new with original packaging or barely used. We only accept items from top-tier clients like corporate executives or high-level government employees.

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