What Is An iPad Surplus Auction?

There has been much confusion in recent years regarding the iPad surplus auction. Many people mistakenly believe that a surplus auction and a penny auction are the same thing, but that misconception couldn’t be further from the truth! The government, corporations or small businesses may request an iPad surplus auction if their job or budget constraints demand that they get rid of their iPad stock. They may be downsizing a department, switching to a new type of technology, or liquidating equipment to avoid bankruptcy. There are many reasons why the use of iPads may no longer be viable. It’s not reasonable to presume that the average consumer will purchase a used iPad at full retail value, so prices are often deeply discounted.

ipad surplus auctionHow Does An iPad Surplus Auction Differ From An iPad Penny Auction?

While an iPad surplus auction sells items from government entities or corporations that have become obsolete for the seller, the iPad penny auction tries to bamboozle buyers by claiming that Apple “made too many iPads to meet with demand” or that “stores over-purchased iPads and need to liquidate excess merchandise.” Does that story sound believable to you? The fact of the matter is: Apple can hardly keep up with the demand for the oh-so-popular iPads.

The whole way bidding works differs dramatically between surplus auctions and penny auctions too. At our iPad surplus auction, you can register FOR FREE and bid on items using increments of YOUR CHOOSING. On the other hand, penny auction scam sites like QuiBids make you pay to bid and force you to increase your bid on increments of their choosing, which drives up the price.

How Does A Dynacorp iPad Surplus Auction Work?

1. Register FOR FREE.

2. Review the bidding policies of each auction event, create a password, receive a bidder number and you’re ready to go!

3. Log into our system, locate the auction event in which you’re interested and peruse the online catalog.

4. Browse our large selection of high-end items including ipads, iphones, laptops, cars, trucks, boats, and more!

5. Then, simply click the link for “Online Bidding” to begin.

6. Enter your bidder number and password to enter your initial bid and specify a MAX BID.

7. Confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of sale before your bid is final.

8. The day before closing, you may inspect the items you’ve bid on to get a better idea of their value.

9. If you win the bid, your card payment will be immediately processed and you will receive email notification.

10. You may log-in and click on “Review Bids” at any time to find out the status of the items you want.

Why Choose Dynacorp?

DynaCorp Auctions brings unsurpassed customer service, integrity, and quality merchandise to every auction and every interaction with our customers. We offer the products you love for less.

ipad surplus auction

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