What Makes Our Liquidation Services Different?

Do you have computers, hardware, electronics, industrial equipment or vehicles you need to sell? These are a few of the most common items Dynacorp liquidates, but the possibilities are endless.When you entrust us with your liquidation sale, we oversee every step of the auction — from assessing initial inventory to marketing and event management to payment and final reconciliation. You will receive all proceeds from your auction event, minus a 20 percent commission fee for our time and effort. Continue reading to learn what makes Dynacorp liquidation services different.

business auction servicesHow Are Dynacorp Liquidation Services Different?

Unlike a traditional auction…

  • Our auctions and bidding takes place online, giving you national access to buyers
  • Our assets for sale are competitively priced to earn you a fair price
  • We allow bidders to view the items they wish to purchase at an open house or inspection
  • As a full-service auctioneer, we work with major corporations, small businesses and government groups
  • We also sell to private individuals who are looking to add to their collections

How Do Liquidation Services Work?

The whole process can be facilitated in 10 to 14 days, regardless of your project scale.

liquidation services1. Inspection: We’ll discuss your liquidation needs by phone and suggest an action plan.

2. Inventory: Next we’ll conduct an in-depth inventory of your items, label everything, create product descriptions, and assign identification numbers.

3. Online Set-Up: We’ll post your items’ information to our online auction system.

4. Pre-Event Marketing: We’ll preview your items for early viewing and bidding.

5. Inspection: Next we’ll feature an open house where buyers can inspect the merchandise.

6. Event & Closing: We’ll keep the auction open as long as buyers are actively bidding.

7. Post-Event Processing & Removal: Winning bids are automatically processed and unsold items will need to be removed the following day, although we offer staffing options if need be.

8. Final Inventory & Disbursement: You will receive a draft report detailing the inventory, bidding history and fees. You will then receive a check or wire transfer within 10 days.


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