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The Selling Process

DynaCorp Auctions is distinctive in the online auction industry in that we provide a range of services for private individuals, corporate entities and government institutions. Indeed, we stand apart from our competitors not only with our unique service offerings and level of customer engagement, but also with our distinctive take on the online auction process.

We have created a simplified eight-step selling process and an easy-to-use online system that makes the auction experience both profitable and hassle-free. From initial inspection through the auction event and beyond, we work with you to market and position your merchandise to make it attractive to buyers. We offer sellers a customized strategic marketing plan to make the selling experience as tailored as possible.

DynaCorp’s services also are at the center of our innovative approach to the online auction. Unique among our competitors, we seek to meet the needs of our customers by occasionally accepting items on consignment. For individual and corporate sellers who are wary of utilizing services like Craigslist and other service providers, our consignment services provide a reliable and convenient way of selling your items. 

If you have questions or concerns about selling merchandise, read more below about our Seller Policies and Procedures or contact our customer service team.

◊ eight steps to online auction sales
DynaCorp has created a streamlined online auction process to make selling as easy as possible. For both supervised and seller-supervised events, we follow similar steps to give your merchandise the best chance to succeed at auction. The whole sales process usually takes around ten days to two weeks, regardless of the scale of the project.

Step 1: Inspection
Initially, DynaCorp will set up a meeting with you, usually by phone, to discuss your selling project. We will chat with you about the scale and scope of your project. Then, we will provide you with tailored solutions to meet your sales needs, including a detailed schedule and marketing plan. If you’re happy with the proposed plan, we will then send you a seller’s agreement specifying the selling terms and conditions.

Step 2: Inventory
Once you have signed the seller’s agreement, DynaCorp will work with you to conduct an in-depth inventory of your items. Inventory usually takes between two hours and a full day to finish. We can either come to your site to prepare this inventory or provide you with the necessary materials to do this in-house. Each item in your inventory will receive: a label with barcode; a product description with specs and dimensions; specific product information, such as model number, type, and manufacturer; and a photo and identification number.

Step 3: Online Inventory Set Up
After inventory has been completed, DynaCorp will prepare and post information about your items to our online auction system. For each auction event, we will work with you to set up an inspection period, set closing and removal times, and establish specific terms and conditions.

Step 4: Pre-Event Marketing
As soon as DynaCorp posts your items to our online auction system, they are immediately available for preview and bidding by potential buyers. The bidding phase usually lasts up to two weeks, though it can be modified to meet your needs. We generally recommend a longer viewing time, as it allows us more time to market and promote your items.

Our standard marketing plan consists of a range of print and online promotions and collateral, including newspaper advertisements, online newsletters and promotional advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing, among other features. Our ultimate goal is to work with sellers to create a customized marketing program tailored to the items they’re selling to maximize potential revenue. In addition to traditional marketing, we provide sellers with a marketing strategy that leverages upon the power of social media marketing to reach consumers, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and our company blog.

Step 5: Inspection
Most DynaCorp events feature an open house or inspection period one or two days before the event during which potential buyers can inspect and test merchandise up for auction. Depending on the auction location and your specific needs, the inspection can be staffed by either DynaCorp or seller representatives to answer buyer questions and oversee the inspection process.

Step 6: Event and Closing
DynaCorp events run on a dynamic closing system that keeps the auction open as long as active bidding continues. Closing for events begins with the first item in the online catalog and moves on at a pace of five items per minute until everything has sold, which usually lasts around two to six hours.

Collusion, or bidding on your own items to increase the selling price, is strictly prohibited. Sellers found to be engaging in these activities will be temporarily suspended at DynaCorp Auction’s discretion.

Step 7: Post-Event Processing and Removal
Once the event has closed, winning bids are automatically processed and charged to the bidders’ online credit cards. Winning buyers receive automatic notification of their successful bid and also an email sales receipt for each transaction.

Each auction event has a specific removal date and time, during which buyers must come retrieve their winning goods. Removal is usually scheduled to occur the day after an auction ends, however, we are happy to work with your individual schedule and needs. Depending on the auction location, the removal can be staffed either by DynaCorp or by seller representatives.

Step 8: Final Inventory and Disbursement
Within one day (24 hours) after removal is completed, DynaCorp will begin the reconciliation process of your auction event.You will first receive a draft report that will detail the final inventory, bidding history, and a sales fee report. You then will receive your proceeds via check or wire transfer within 10 business days of reconciliation.

◊ types of sales
DynaCorp is an events-based online auction company. However, our events involve many different kinds of seller transactions, ranging from single items and consignments to liquidations and bulk sales. Our convenient 8-Step Online Auction Sales process allows us to personalize your sales experience at the same time that it streamlines the overall timeframe of sales from inspection to final reconciliation.

Please note that we conduct our sales nationally, including asset liquidations in multiple locations across the United States. While DynaCorp is located in the Washington-DC area, we have the flexibility to manage small- and large-scale projects on a regional and national basis.Contact our Customer Service team to learn more about our Seller services. We’ll then arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your project and devise a comprehensive plan to meet your sales needs.

DynaCorp Auctions stands apart from our competitors in occasionally taking items to sell on consignment. We like to offer individual and clients the flexibility of being able to consign items to be included in one of our actions. Consigned items are carefully assessed and judged for appropriateness with upcoming auctions before being accepted.

For most auctions, we can add a few items of similar merchandise to fill out the auction or augment its overall appeal. However, consigned items must match up with other merchandise in the auction. For example, we would not add a few items of art glass to an auction primarily composed of IT equipment. In this situation, the art glass would detract value from the overall auction and thus likely would not sell. It is for this reason that we insist that consigned items must blend in with the overall theme of our planned auctions and enhance their respective value.

Dynacorp sells a variety of bulk inventory, including computers, hardware, electronics, industrial equipment, vehicles, and other items. Liquidation sales are Dynacorp supervised, meaning that we oversee every stage of the auction and sales process, including initial inventory, marketing, event management, payment, and final reconciliation. For liquidations, you receive all the proceeds from the auction event, minus standard fees.

Self Supervised
At Dynacorp, we also offer the flexibility of self-supervised auction events. We find that this works well for clients with fewer items to sell. In a self-supervised auction, you can prepare your inventory based on your own schedule, making use of our convenient provided labels and tracking documents. Once inventory is complete, you can also monitor the inspection and/or removal processes.

Self-supervised auction events receive the same customized marketing plan as all other Dynacorp auctions. Yet, these events are more cost effective because you control the timing of the inventory, inspection, and removal processes. For self-supervised events, you receive all the proceeds from the auction events, minus standard fees.

Bulk Sales
Dynacorpboth buys and sells assets in bulk for the convenience of our clients. Bulk sales generally involve assets that are sold in their entirety to an individual buyer. Often, selling or buying items in bulk can be more appropriate for certain types of assets.

At Dynacorp, we both buy and sell assets in bulk. Whether you’re interested in making a bulk purchase or want to sell a large group of assets in bulk, we are here to help you.

For bulk sellers, Dynacorp can tailor a marketing and sales strategy for your assets that ensures the best possible return given the timeframe and removal requirements of the sale.

Straight Purchase
Dynacorp will also buy your assets as a straight purchase. These are usually items that will complete planned auctions that we have scheduled or that will be a valuable sale for our company. Straight purchases are a direct transaction between Dynacorp and the seller. As the seller, you have neither a role in the auctioning of your former assets nor the final reconciliation of these items. If you are interested discussing the straight purchase of items, please contact our Customer Service team.

◊ pre-sell inspections
DynaCorp offers prospective sellers free merchandise and project inspections. Usually, our Customer Service Representatives can provide you with a quick project evaluation over the phone without doing a detailed inspection of goods. For more comprehensive projects, we often set up an on-site visit, which can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Once you receive an initial evaluation, you also can send us any relevant information about your project, including photos and inventory spreadsheets. While not all projects require formal appraisals, we do provide them upon request, along with detailed inventories including bar codes and photos.

◊ fees & conditions
DynaCorp utilizes a variable rate system appropriate for the size of the project as well as a client’s budget and resources. Our rates depend on a number of features of the auction process: how many items you want to sell; the overall quality and value of your items; where your items are located; and any pickup or removal constraints for your items.We want to provide a fair price for all of our clients, no matter how small or large the assets.

Contact a Customer Service Representative to get a free evaluation and rate quote today!

  • Liquidation (or DynaCorp Supervised Auction) – 25% & Up or a given dollar amount whichever is greater, commission paid to DynaCorp
  • Self-Supervised Auction (managed by seller) – 10% - 20% or a given dollar amount whichever is greater, commission paid to DynaCorp

◊ item tracking
DynaCorp has a sophisticated online inventory system that we use to evaluate, tag, and track your items. Every item that is sold on our site is tagged with a bar code label, an inventory number, description, and photo. You can check the status of your assets online at any time of day.

During an auction event, both you and buyers can follow the event in real time online. As an event moves forward, you can see the bid history and number of bids on each item. Once an event closes, the results of the sale and the complete bid history are available online for at least six months.

◊ disbursement of Proceeds
As a seller, you will receive a final email report for your items.

This detailed report will include:

  • a summary of the bid history, including number of bids and final selling price
  • a complete inventory of your items with relevant tagging information for each item
  • a detailed payment report that will show total revenue, cost of sale, and net proceeds.

Once the pickup process is over, we will reconcile your items and distribute your proceeds within one week to 10 days. All proceeds are held in escrow and disbursed to you either by company check or direct wire transfer.